Essay about World War I : A School Of Prominence And Filled With Tradition

Essay about World War I : A School Of Prominence And Filled With Tradition

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A small, wealthy and prestigious school nestled in New Haven, Connecticut lies Yale University. A school of prominence and filled with tradition. World War I is starting and the United States is not wanting to get involved unless necessary. During this time air superiority was not prevalent or very well existent at the time. Until a group of young prominent men know as the “Millionaires Unit” at Yale start a flying club due to their interest in aviation and patriotism to the United States.
As a revolution was about to break out across the border in Mexico a group of 12 men thought they should learn how to fly and enter the war, if and when the U.S ever got involved. The original 12 were star studded athletes at the University who were involved in all aspects on campus. The leader, Trubee Davison was the manager for the crew team at Yale. Their group was dubbed the “Yale Aero Club.” When the U.S. entered the war in 1917 the group would become the first air unit in military history. With both the Army and Navy having fewer than twenty planes between the two and pilots that have not flow much, the boys of the “Yale Aero Club” would be a much needed thing come war time.
The men of this club were off spring of some of the most wealthy and well know people during the early 19th century. One of the pilots was a son of a Rockefeller,who made their fortune from oil. They felt a sense of patriotism unlike before and wanted to get in the action. Men all over the U.S. were anxious to help out in away they can. World War I was the first major battle fought on different countries unlike the Civil War it was major populous countries fighting against other countries. The war brought new tactics and weaponry that were never seen before such ...

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... the war was real. The men were attending a play when an air raid siren starting going off, they went outside and watched the sky rockets of anti aircraft guns and listened to bombs being dropped in the distance.
The men from Yale set a high standard with patriotism that was never seen before. After the uncertainty of the U.S entering war and the group of students being able to fly in combat. They never stopped training and kept working hard towards that goal, the unit became the first aerial costal unit. Now a days aviation has immensely helped countries with wars, the unit was the first to do recon missions and put machine guns on planes, which are all common in militaries across the world. They showed that anything is possible with handwork, dedication and that something that was no very common in World War I would change how wars are fought from there on out.

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