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The World Trade Center Towers Essay

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The day when black smoke filled the skies above New York City. The moment everyone realized that America was under attack. Everyone was stuck to their tv watching everything unfold on live television. America was under attack for offering freedom and independence. After 9/11 the United States change drastically.
The World Trade Center towers were built in a massive renewal project in Manhattan (Anderson).The man who designed the World Trade Center was a Japanese man by the name of Minoru Yamasaki (Anderson).The project was rejected by most resident living in the area because they would have to destroy 100 buildings to make room for the new towers (Anderson). The whole building did not consist of just offices (Anderson).The buildings where a center for transportation and many other things(Anderson). It was a place where people could grab a bite to eat at the Window of the World restaurant. The building served many purposes to the people of Manhattan. Both towers were 110 stories high therefore the 100 elevators that were inside where needed (Anderson).The towers where a representation of the United States freedom and liberty.
After the Cold War the United States felt invincible, they had great power militarily and politically. (Newsinger).When the Cold War ended America was one of the last big powers still standing (Helle). The theme of anti-americanism was growing in foreign countries after the end of the Cold War (Helle) In the late 80s Iraq was involved in a civil war (Newsinger). The United States was reluctant to help due to the fact it would take a lot of time and money (Newsinger). Not only that but during the Gulf War the United States supported Israel and not Iraq.This was one big reason the attacks ...

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...n are always nervous that the next attack is right around the corner. The rebuilding of the area took 10 years ( Anderson). There are now two fountains in place of where the towers stood with the names of all the victims (Anderson). There is a museum own the site to. There is a new tower that called the One World Trade Center. The One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. Most of the new tower is a tourist attraction but there are some offices in the middle of the building
The 9/11 attacks would forever change America. It left a lasting impact on our world that we can still see today. The mindset of the people changed drastically. The world will never be the same. The lasting effects of the attacks can still be felt today. The feeling never know when the next attacks is coming. America will never get over what happened on 9/11.

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