Essay on World Threat Landscape : Cyber Attack Statistics

Essay on World Threat Landscape : Cyber Attack Statistics

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Country Threat Landscape

Cyber Attack Statistics

Cyberattacks against India continue to rise year after year. Many business do not have the resources or don’t know what to do against skilled cybercriminals. In the past, developed nations were the prime targets for cyberattacks. Indian organizations have seen the number of attacks increase and are now almost on part with the rest of the world.

The number of security incidents that have been handled by Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) over the last few years has increased exponentially. The types of incidents handled were generally related to malicious code, phishing, website intrusion, spam,
network scanning and probing and malware propagation.

Common Cyber-Attackers/Groups & Cyber Attack Methods

India is not known for internal hacking, or a hacking culture targeting external sites. The Indian hacker culture is related to “white-hat” or ethical hackers. Web searches easily reveal Indian hackers, and they are often prominent members of the IT community. They release books with tips on network security, and train future ethical hackers and information security specialists.

Cyber-security concerns in India are focused on external hackers and attacks. Most of India’s external threats have typically been politically motivated and can be classified as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). The main threat-actor has been attacks from China, although the Chinese government denies these are government sponsored attacks. Other cyber-attacks originate in Pakistan. Most attacks originate with spear-phishing emails that contain an attachment with malware.

Country Government Cybersecurity Posture

Government Agencies focused on Cybersecurity


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...print of 2016 that India had been facing advanced persistent threats from Pakistan dating back to 2013. Like the Shadow Network attack, the Pakistani attack originates with spear phishing emails with malware attachments. The lure used in the emails were related to regional military and defense issues, often involving India-Pakistan relations and current events,

The malware SEEDOOR is often initially delivered to a target system by a downloader and then creates a backdoor to the victim’s system. SEEDOOR’s built-in functionality includes interacting with the file system, simulating mouse clicks, starting and terminating processes, transferring files, making recordings and screenshots of the desktop, recording sound from a microphone, recording and taking snapshots from webcams, and in some cases collecting Microsoft Outlook emails and attachments.


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