World Student Of South Kore An Interview With Seuigi Lee Essay

World Student Of South Kore An Interview With Seuigi Lee Essay

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World Student of South Korea:
An Interview with Seuigi Lee

Look at how we live our everyday lives as students, and as young adults. Wake up, go to classes, go to work, stay up late to finish a bunch of school work and then repeat. Hopefully I am able to find time to eat in between. The life style for a college student has never been easy. Now imagine trying to do the same thing but you are in a completely different country. I have had the opportunity to sit down with recent Northern Kentucky University graduate Seuigi Lee.
“I am originally from South Korea. I came to the United States about 5years ago in 2010 as an exchange student. I enjoyed my "American" life and I gained an amazing experience as an exchange student. 3 months before coming back to Korea, I made the biggest decision in my life, transferring schools from Korea to the United States. I applied for the student visa and started my school in Northern Kentucky University with a major in Respiratory Care in 2011. Now, I recently got a job at the Christ Hospital as a respiratory therapist.
It 's been pretty tough to start my life over in America, but I think it 's finally starting to pay off.
I 'm really looking forward to more good things to come in my life!”
Seuigi Lee is an example of the main reasons for South Korea’s success as a country. That is because of the education system. When evaluating South Korea’s economic success, its development has evolved in parallel with its improvements in education. The education system is shaped by the needs of the market. South Korea’s education system was created based on industry needs and expectation along with keeping a supply demand balance.
The school system in South Korea consists of six years of elementary school, thr...

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...onal students experience depend on a number of factors, including linguistic proficiency, degree of familiarity with the system, and the length of time they have spent in the
United Kingdom before enrolling. There are some less obvious factors as well. One is gender; it appears that, while the great majority of the international students who were interviewed said that they had experienced stress, female students tended to deal with it better than male students, either talking about it to their friends or using the counselling services.” Through numerous difficulties Seuigi Lee has one of the 65 percent of South Koreans, age 25 to 34 to hold at least a bachelor’s degree.
South Korea takes much pride in their education system and they have reaped a plethora of benefits economically allowing them to be one of the world’s wealthiest nations and leaders in technology.

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