Essay on The World 's Youngest Major Religion

Essay on The World 's Youngest Major Religion

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Islam is the world’s youngest major religion and it is considered one of the most powerful forces in human history. The birth of the profit Muhammad was the unifying force that bridged Europe and East Asia after the fall of Rome. Prior to the birth of Muhammad, Arabs were polytheistic and disunited, however the profit Muhammad would make drastic changes to this belief. At the age of twenty five, Muhammad worked in a trade caravan where he spent extended periods of time in the dessert. During his time in the dessert he was visited by the Angel Gabriel who declared him the final messenger of Allah. Once in a position of power, the profit Muhammad preached a message that emphasized the importance of community and the bond with Allah. Islam remained free of dogma and liturgy unlike Christianity and Judaism. The Qur’an and Hadith served as the core Islamic texts, which made clear the path to follow, known as Sharia. The Islamic culture made contributions in many different fields, and propelled human knowledge of the natural world during a time were the rest of the world was relatively stagnate. Today Islam is practiced by nearly one billion people and is still to this day one of the fastest growing religions.
Islam is refreshingly different from other major world religions in the sense that it is rather simplistic. Rather than the followers having to go through priests, clergy, or saints to have a relationship with god, Muslim’s believe that Allah is to be worshiped directly by each individual follower. The followers of Allah have five simple duties that they must individually follow that comprise the Five Pillars of Islam. These duties consist of belief, worship, fasting, almsgiving, and pilgrimage. Although I do not...

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...ymbolizes the trip to Mecca in my own life. However, just like many Muslims take multiple trips to Mecca I also plan on taking multiple extended trips into the wilderness. The time I spent in the backcountry led to more personal growth in two months then the last ten years of my life combined. I relate with the Muslims on the trip to Mecca in this regard, and this is why I plan on finishing the Pacific Crest Trail in its entirety before I die.
This assignment has allowed me to learn about a way of life that I knew little to nothing about prior to this assignment. It is easy to judge this culture based on all the negativity that surrounds this religion in the news, however it is just as easy to find correlations between this religion and my personal life. Finding common ground with people we perceive as being drastically different is a great thing to learn.

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