Essay about The World 's Relief Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Essay about The World 's Relief Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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To the society’s relief, the terrifying month of August was passing quickly. After four disastrous tornados swept through Picher, Oklahoma, the city had become a desolate area with a total population of ten people. Among these ten people, I, Courtney Turner, and my family, father Robert Sanchez, mother Ava Sanchez, and husband Zack Turner, make up forty percent of the city’s population. Due to the weather, it seems to have been decades since I last seen my parents; however, as of today my spirits are boosted to an all time high because my father called and asked if Zack and I would like to come over for a family reunion. Of course, I accepted their invite and immediately demanded Zack to get ready for our reunion.
Upon our arrival to my parent’s home, I could not help but stand outside on their front lawn and gaze about the land; a three story house with scenery of nothing but flat grassy plains and the occasional animal which would run through the property. “Such beautiful land this could be if we did not live in such a terrible environment, do you not agree Zack?” I asked. Zack merely shook his head in agreement, but there was a look in his eye; one of which showed a weary sense of the terrain. Assuming he was simply preparing himself for the enthusiastic attitude of my mother, I brushed off his actions and approached the front door. “Oh my goodness Robert, look how much our daughter has changed since we last saw her!” my mother exclaimed. “And look at Zack! What a handsome man you have grown to be! Please come in! Dinner is ready to be served!”
While we sat at the table and enjoyed our well prepared meal my mother made and caught up on each other’s lives, I could not help but notice a slight creaking sound coming from upstai...

... middle of paper ...

...rough every room and searched for any sign of a person; by my seventh roundabout of the house I concluded that no one was in the house anymore. I was alone . . . literally the last person, for all I know, in Picher, Oklahoma.
It has been thirty years now since I have seen my parents, my husband, or even a person in the streets; all I hear are the faint footsteps that always seem to be walking across the floor above me. Though this should bother me, it does not for I choose to relive the memories I created with Zack, my father, and my mother the night before they all were ripped from my life with unknown reason or cause instead of the annoying sounds of the dreadful house which remains. Fatigue is beginning to set in as I lie in my mother’s bed and I feel myself leaving this world. “It will not be long now.” I tell myself as I drift into my never-ending slumber.

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