The World 's Oldest Rocks Underneath The Plateaus Essay

The World 's Oldest Rocks Underneath The Plateaus Essay

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Africa is the world’s poorest continent, affected by the internal armed conflicts in 42 countries. Africa has the world’s oldest rocks underneath the plateaus. In eastern Africa, plateau surface raised where the top is cracked causing crustal rocks to fall forming rift valleys. Rift valleys is a deep valley caused by the rocks of Earth’s crust arching and cracking to let down a section of crust to form the valley form. Rift valley usually have deep lakes. These old rocks contains mineral resources which got Europe interest. Offshore oil occur in some of the newest rocks. Oil and natural gas became the continent major source. In South Africa, layers of sedimentary rocks contain coal deposit which makes the country the world’s sixth largest producer.
The largest rivers in Africa are the Niger, Nile, Congo, and Zambezi. Each river provide a source of water and transportation. Africa do not have deep ocean inlets and only have a few natural port sites. Before modern transportation was introduce, the country depended on the rivers. However, there are only few railroads and road available that is only link to mines, cities, and ports. Air transportation depends on the availability of airports and landing strips.
All of the Africa lies within the tropics. The climates ranges from hot and rainy all year to hot arid areas. The average temperature in the summer is 80o Fahrenheit with rainfall averaging 140 inches. Winter temperatures can reach 70o Fahrenheit with rainfall averaging 4 inches. Within these season, temperatures remain high all year and mostly rain in the summer time. Tropical climates allow the variety of different crops like rubber, cocoa, coffee, cotton, tropical fruits and vegetables. However, because of the climate, many...

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...althier countries did not reduce tariffs on goods that continued to hurt the development of African countries.
The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) created new guidelines for grants and loan, however, the structural adjustment policies was no success in Africa. The policies relied on exporting goods instead of helping the country. If the country choose to follow these policies, they will neglect the people and if they choose to deny it they will not receive aid from the World Bank and IMF. Through association with China, many African countries were able to export oil, iron ore, etc. to China. China then invested billions of dollars in agriculture, infrastructure and health projects. China also supplied military hardware to Africa. Because China kept human rights and politics issues out of business it was easy for them to help Africa economy grew.

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