World 's Most Dangerous Gang Essay

World 's Most Dangerous Gang Essay

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World’s Most Dangerous Gang
A. The first term to be discussed is Group(43). States by Henslin as “Set of people who interact on the basis of shared expectations and who possess some degree of identity”(145).
A part of being in MS 13 is that all people involved are one group. They all follow the same “rules” and respect the same leader. In parts of the documentary we watched as a class, we have seen how MS 13 is running in some sorts like a business. Everyone in MS 13 has a job and duty to fulfill, and there are consequences for not following the guidelines. Even though MS 13 members are extremely dangerous people, they still show community and compassion toward one another. Also, the group has to be kept by itself in some situations, for example, there are entire prisons dedicated solely to MS 13 members. The reason behind these prisons is for safety, is the member’s are mixed with another gang they become extremely violent and usually killing the other gangs members. Another part of MS 13 is many different little groups or “cliques”. Not everyone who is a member of the MS 13 all live in Los Angeles or El Salvador, many live all over the United States and across the entire world. Which is why the gang is so dangerous because they have spread so far, in so many different places. Anyone who identifies as MS 13 usually will have a group of people not to far from them that are part of the same clique. From the outside, we as a society see a horrible gang, which they are, but to themselves they are family. MS 13 is communities of people who wouldn’t ever separate from one another, in a sense they are their own little world.
B. The next term to be discussed is Status(77). Henslin defines status as “Socially defined position in a grou...

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... the people around them who are not in a gang. They also experience negativity from their family members, no one wants to see their child die from a gang. In the video you could see the discomfort on the women face, who did the interviews with the gang members. The actions of the women are another example of negativity. Anyone can imagine what it is like to drive through areas in Los Angeles for example and see graffiti everywhere, it wouldn’t be pleasing to the eyes. Especially if the person driving through the town knows that they are MS 13 gang sign graffiti. Overall I think that being in the gang has more negative effects than positive. I know there can be some positive things about being in a gang such as community, unity, and protection. However, the negative effects are prison, murder, and death. I don’t think the risk is worth the reward in this situation.

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