The World 's Largest Private Software Company Essay

The World 's Largest Private Software Company Essay

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SAS is an American developer of analytical software, which helps to manage and analyze data in order to aid in decision making. The company is the world’s largest private software company. Its software is used by almost 80% percent of Fortune 500 companies. SAS is respected amongst companies and customers are more likely to prefer companies which uses SAS. On the other hand, SAS products are expensive (starting at $1 million), and larger companies have started buying business intelligence companies to compete with SAS.
Companies like SAP, Oracle, and IBM paid billions of dollars to purchase intelligence companies. The biggest threat comes from the IBM, because it combined its firms into analytics group. Because of the increased competition in the field, SAS had to shorten its product development cycle. To keep that change the company must attract highly motivated workforces.
If you were in charge at SAS, what would you do?
How do you get them to work hard and maximize their efforts?
If I were in charge of SAS, I would start with the extrinsic and intrinsic rewards to maximize eff...

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