The World 's Biggest Military Essay

The World 's Biggest Military Essay

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On June 22, 1941, the world’s biggest military, which is Barbarossa Operation, was beginning. Barbarossa is the code name German used in World War II to invade the Soviet Union. Hitler who was the German Führer sent his army across the borders of the Soviet Union, starting nearly 4 years of the most violent and cruel conflict humanity has ever experienced. His army was divided in three groups which was the army group North, led by von Leeb, Von Bock commanded the Centre group army and Von Rundstedt led the south group army ( The Biggest Military Adventure in History, 2011).. They breached Russia on a front spreading from the Baltic Coast to the Black Sea. On The Führer’s instructions, one and a half million soldiers of the Wehrmacht destroyed the Red Army and the Soviet Union.
"The World will hold its breath!” Adolf Hitler told his Generals (UltimaRatioReg, 2012) . As the world watched with astonishment, the German Army entered successfully across the Russian plain, apparently without doubt. Surprises by the attack, the Russian Air Forces were destroyed on the ground. Following the orders not to incite the Germans, the Russian frontier armies did not defend their borders ( The Biggest Military Adventure in History, 2011). The Red Army fell back in disorder, surrendered or died in a futile effort to halt the German advance. The United Kingdom and France experts gave the Russians six weeks, perhaps eight at the most, before suffering total military disaster at the hands of the Germans. The Red Army lost their city and men one after another, so no one believed they could win. Since Stalin destroyed his officers because of his purges, the Red Army was badly equipped, poorly trained and demoralized. (yoder, 2013) The Red Army be...

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...not have winter clothes and during this time, German weapons malfunctioned because they were not meant for the cold. His troops never faced a winter like that before. On the other hand, the Red Army was prepared for the winter. They had much better tanks and better weapons. After their losses, they became more organized (Langlen, 2013).
At first, the German were winning the war but then the one that nobody was counting to come back and finally won the war. The Germans failed the Barbarossa operation because they were not prepared to fight for a long time. In addition, the German were not prepared for such cold winter. Also, they did not try to adapt themselves to the battlefield, even if it was their country. Likewise, Hitler did not listen to his general’s advice. Fortunately, they won the war. What would happen, if the German did not failed Barbarossa?

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