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Toni Morrison’s novel Song of Solomon tells the account of an African American male's hunt for his individuality through a discovery of his ancestor’s past. Morrison tells this legend through the character of Solomon, the great-grandfather of Milkman Dead. Through learning of the tale of Solomon and his capability to soar, Milkman discovers a strong sense of satisfaction in his heritage and realizes he must treasure his community and family. While most of the narrative occurs from 1931-1963, there are intermittent flashbacks from the late nineteenth century. Two distinct settings in Song of Solomon play a key but contrasting role in identifying and understanding the personality of its inhabitants and the importance of human interaction as a whole.
While the town close to Lake Superior is never given a title, the reader imagines it is Detroit, Michigan. In the beginning of the novel, the narrator focuses on the Southside and the road the residents call “Not Doctor Street”, a primarily black area (Morrison 4). This street name gives “Southside residents a way to keep their memories a...

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