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The World Of The Theatre Essay

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In the world of the theatre there are two sides of the curtain, the light and the dark or as most call them, actors and technicians, and together they create a magnificent experience for people anywhere to enjoy. The actors and technicians jobs spoken of are part of a high school theatre or amateur theatre, not professional where the jobs are much more difficult and complicated. Actors are the face of a performance, while the technicians are the support system in the background. During a single scene of a show a hundred things could be happening. Techs are changing the the set on stage while adjusting any future pieces in the wings, the lights are cueing in the booth, sound is maintaining levels of voices and music, costume is servicing any fixes, and props are being transported all over backstage, all while the actor is entertaining the audience. The actor has as much of an important job as the techs running the show and have spent just as much time or more preparing for a show, they are the face of a performance, they have to make the audience believe, believe in their objectives, believe in the character, and believe in the environment for which they are found. Although, actors and techs have different interpretations of preparation, rehearsals, and the struggles that come with a performance.
Actors, some would consider them the most important part of a show, some say they are the least, people think without actors the show could go on and some say the show would be nothing without them, everything said is true but not in its entirety. Actors begin preparing for a show months before, between productions, actors tend to find classes or workshops to increase their skills, such as dialect, stage fighting, or singing. The classes a...

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...le and important because a majority of techs don’t have a bone in their body urging them to get on stage themselves. Technicians work backstage because that is what they know or what they like to do, the preparation is drafting, rehearsals are practice and the struggles are the fun trip-ups.
At the end of a production, the actors have learned their lines, worked their blocking and rehearsed it many times over, creating a convincing character in the story, just as techs have designed, built, and adjusted to create a possible environment for the characters to live and move around in. All the preparation creates useful atmosphere, the rehearsals build a clean show, and the struggles make creating a show enjoyable. Overall, techies need actors as much as actors need techies, and there is no stopping what stunning staging can come from the mixing of front and back stage.

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