The World Of The Holocaust

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The holocaust was one of the largest epidemics in the 1900’s. Throughout the holocaust, millions upon millions of Jews, blacks, homosexuals, and many others were slaughtered during Hitler’s reign. Today America is going through an epidemic of its own that is just as terrible as the holocaust. This epidemic that America is facing today is the legal murdering of unborn babies known as abortion. In the video, “180”, Ray Comfort created a visual representation of the similarities of the holocaust and abortion. At the end of Comfort’s video, he shows that even if someone believes they are a good person, they still sin daily and deserve death, but Jesus Christ died on the cross in the place of our sins. Ray Comfort did an exemplary job in using the rhetorical appeals to engage the culture in regards to the historical accuracy of the holocaust and its parallelism to modern abortion acceptance. The beginning of the holocaust took place in January of 1933, when German Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler came into power. Before the holocaust had begun, Europe, which was populated by mostly Jews, had an outstanding population, which stood at over nine million people (Holocaust). “World War Two had begun and by 1945, the Germans and their collaborators killed nearly two out of every three European Jews in the “Final Solution”, where it was the Nazi policy to murder the Jews in Europe” (Holocaust). “During the Holocaust, a huge percentage of the German population – 8.5 million – were members of the Nazi party” (Holocaust, 2016). The Nazi’s hatred for Jews grew vigorously throughout World War Two and the Jew’s were described as an alien threat to the German racial community (Holocaust). “Unfettered racism combined with various political and economic ... ... middle of paper ... ...then reveals, that if one believes they are a sinner, and they put their trust fully on God, he will come into their lives and save them (Comfort, 2011). Using ethos, Comfort quotes from the Bible, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life” (Comfort, 2011). By using Rhetoric, Ray Comfort swayed every one’s mind from having an inconsiderable amount of knowledge or concern for Christ to openly wanting to get to know Him better. Ray Comfort was very successful in his methods of Rhetorical appeal. By using these methods he opened up the minds of complete strangers to the holocaust, abortion, and a whole new aspect of who God is. Comfort had an efficient amount of rhetorical appeal in this film. He changed the lives of eight people and made them, indeed, do a complete 180.

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