The World Of The Food Chain For A Long Period Of Time Essay

The World Of The Food Chain For A Long Period Of Time Essay

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Humans continue to affect the environment, mostly badly, but they have been working on mending the problems that they created. Staying on top of the food chain for a long period of time is a huge challenge that the human race has accomplished. Even with our advancement in technology, manipulation of the environment, and our continued spot on top of the food chain, humans continue to be a reactive species, and this can be changed, even though it is unlikely that this will happen. Only when a issue directly affects humans will they react to the problem, and it has been this way for hundreds of years. People have created many issues with their environment, but there have been attempts to fix the issues that they have brought into creation.

We, humans, have maintained our position on top of the food chain for a very long time. The reason we continue to remain on the top of the food chain for such a long time is because of the fact that we kill off many animals that could be perceived as a threat to ourselves. For example, as told in Part Three of Strange Days on Planet Earth, people by Yellowstone National Park slaughtered the wolves that we thought were a threat to their livestock, therefore their food, and their health. They did not take into consideration that the predators were the animals that kept the ecosystem running smoothly, they simply just killed the species off. People killing off major predators plays a large key as to why many less threatening animals are reproducing quickly, such as omnivores, scavengers, and herbivores. This plays a role in keeping humans on top of the food chain because with less predators, there is more herbivores and other unthreatening species, which do not challenge humans as the top of the food...

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... them. Changing the ways of how people react to problems is possible, but given human history, it would be a very long and difficult journey.

The human race has continuously affected the environment negatively, however there have been attempts made to mend the problems other humans created. Humans have maintained dominance of the food chain for millennials. Even though we have managed to stay on top of the food chain, change our environment, and continue to advance our technology, we can keep our planet in good condition, although this is unlikely as a result of human’s tendency to be an altogether reactive species. Altering how people answer to issues may be achievable, however it happening on a large scale is improbable. People have created many problems, but there are a select few who are trying to repair the Earth, and create a better life for future generations.

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