The World Of The Beijing Olympics Essay

The World Of The Beijing Olympics Essay

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The Beijing Olympics were one of the most iconic global sporting event in recent memory. During the course of the 19 day spectacle 205 countries competed, 37 world records were broken and roughly 4.7 billion people tuned in worldwide. The whole world watched as Usain Bolt became the fastest man to ever live and Michael Phelps won, an astonishing, eight gold medals in aquatics. However, these games were about so much more than sports. In the decades before the 2000’s China had faded into the background and was more or less irrelevant when it came to world super powers. Therefore, these games were about China exhibiting their recently attained wealth and power. The games provided a massive stage for the most up and coming country in the early 21st century. Forty four billion dollars was spent on this Olympics, the most ever. The Olympiad allowed for a global stage for China to flex its muscles just as it had done so many times in its history and the country succeeded in this display. China used the opportunity of the Beijing Olympics to showcase its massive wealth, cultural values and advancement in technology; the games served as both China’s celebration and solidification in the role as a world power.
The opening ceremonies of the games is one that will not fade from memory for many years. A massive display of coordination, unity, harmony and strength the opening ceremony set the tone for exactly what China wanted to showcase. Perhaps the most memorable display in the ceremony was the performance of the drummers. The drummer demonstrated the chinese values of harmony and coordination on a massive scale. This was done while keeping the connection to the country’s ancient past, as was done throughout the ceremony. 2,008 drummers be...

... middle of paper ... for interpretation on when war can be waged at the will of the Chinese government. None the less a strong and powerful military is a necessity if a nation is to be a world power.
China took the opportunity of hosting the 2008 Summer Olympics and transformed it into the ultimate display of power and wealth. It was by all means a power play to earn respect from a world that had been dominated by Western powers. China made its comeback from irrelevance in the 80’s and 90’s, and burst onto the global scene in a dramatic fashion. Usain Bolt may be the fastest man to ever live and Michael Phelps may have dominated in a way that will never be matched at the professional level, but China made a huge jump in the hierarchy of the world 's nations. In 2008, as the world was watching Beijing, a country emerged from the shadows and took its place at the table of world powers.

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