Essay on The World of Technology Meets the World of Education

Essay on The World of Technology Meets the World of Education

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Good bye blackboard, hello interactive white board! Get out of the way paper, pens, pencils, and textbooks and make room for the netbook, laptop, iPod, iPhone and iPad; they are moving into the classroom. Students are ready to use these new gadgets whether educators are ready or not. Therefore, the world of education needs to embrace the world of technology and take off on the World Wide Web. Technology is not going away. Our students of today must be technosavvy in order to function in their adult lives of tomorrow.
The implementation of technology allows teachers to use differentiated instruction in order to meet the needs of all the students in the classroom. The interactive white board is a great example of how all learners can benefit from one piece of hardware. The visual learner is able to see the colorful, moveable images. The kinetics learner is capable of touching, moving, interacting with the objects, words, phrases, images, etc. with his/her hands. Speakers allow the auditory learner to hear what is being spoken during the course of the lesson.
Teachers are beginning to use iPods in class with their students. Some of the ways they are being used are: Students can send their work to their peers for editing purposes. (Shulleeta 2009) This makes it easier for students to work collaboratively in the writing process. Students are downloading novels off of the Internet and listening to it while following along with the written text. I had my son do this recently. The audio of the novel was six and a half hours and I knew that he could not read the book that fast. So, I downloaded the novel onto the ipod and had him follow along with the novel. While listening and following along in the book, he pointed out to me sev...

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...oor. This has encouraged students to become enthusiastically involved in their P.E. classes.
Technology is not going away. Therefore, all we can do is embrace it, learn it, love it, and use it to our greatest advantages. Technology can help us in so many ways, we might as well do all we can with it and move forward with all that it can move us.

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