World of Sports Needs PED's Essay

World of Sports Needs PED's Essay

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Every sports lover itches for a sick play in any professional sport. Whether it is a 360 alley oop slam-dunk, 450 foot homerun, or a game winning touchdown grab. I mean, come on, when would you pass up seeing your favorite player do any of those things? Never? Every professional sport has one controversial topic in common, Performance Enhancing drugs. There are a total of 192 drugs that are illegal in professional sports. It varies to over 50 types of designer steroids (the most popular being dianabol and anavar), Human Growth Hormones, and blood doping (injecting oxygen rich blood into the bloodstream). But I’m here to tell you, if all of those Performance Enhancers were legal in sports, every single sport would reach a whole new level of excitement! Any person with a level head on their shoulders would do anything to see that. Legalizing those PED’s in pro sports would make sports far more exciting, they’d make sports a great deal more exciting by increasing any athlete’s performance extraordinarily. Thus making sports much more competitive because a high amount of players in each sport would be elite after taking the PED’s, instead of a select few. Lastly, since no one can keep the athletes from not using them now, why not stop wasting time and money preventing it, because the real athletes are going to take the PED’s anyway. Regard less of regulations.
Conversely, there are many people who completely disagree with the use of performance enhancers. Some will argue that the health risks that are associated with sports outweigh the reward. Similarly, people will argue that it is unethical to take these performance enhancers ruins the sport. Lastly, no matter what their will always be people and organizations such as the USADA ...

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...cers make sports much, much more competitive. They do so by allowing multiple players to reach the elite level, instead of only select few. The players that are average or mediocre will blossom while using performance enhancers. After all, who doesn’t want to see their favorite sport loaded with great players? One player for example that blossomed while using PED’s is Barry Bonds. Bonds weighed 185 at the begging of his MLB career, and weighed 230 pounds when he crushed his MLB record 73 homeruns in 2001. Just think if performance enhancers helped him so much, why can’t it do it to every other athlete? If all athletes began using performance enhancers then instead of having 4 or 5 players hit 40 home runs, or rush for 15 touchdowns, and etc, the amount would triple. Having players put up these numbers by using ped’s would entice others too as well, just to keep up.

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