The World Of Roller Coasters Essay

The World Of Roller Coasters Essay

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Did you know that almost all roller coasters only rely on Earth’s gravity to get the cars down the track? Roller coasters are centered all on physics and I will hopefully teach you some things, big or small about them today. In this essay we will be exploring the world of roller coasters. Some of the topics we will cover will range from the history, to the principles that allow the cars to continue throughout the length of the track, and the general physics surrounding roller coasters.

The history of roller coasters is a really cool one if you ask me. There are many things that you wouldn’t think could have been used to make roller coasters. According to (How Stuff Works), some of the first known roller coasters where in Russia that became popular during the 16th and 17th centuries. People would use sleds made out of wood or blocks of ice and would fly down ice slides. The only way that they figured out how to stop the sleds was to plow into piles of sand at the bottom of the slides. Some of these slides were up to 80 feet tall. Others saw this and brought it over to France. They experimented and waxed the sleds instead of ice. Eventually they started to add wheels to the bottoms of the sleds. In 1817, the Russes a Belleville (Russian Mountains of Belleville) was being the first roller coaster was attached to a track. It kept growing in popularity which led to the first American roller coaster which was the Mauch Chunk Switchback Railway. It was built in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the mid-1800s. It was originally made for taking coal and sending it to a railway. Over the next thirty years roller coasters continued to gain popularity and were eventually joined by wooden roller coasters just like the ones you see at amuseme...

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...own (How Stuff Works).

Throughout this essay hopefully you have learned with us, about the history, some principles that help the coaster along, and the physics that allow the coasters to complete their goal of thrilling people throughout the ride. It was a very cool experience to find out the history of roller coasters. Going from a wooden sled or block of ice sliding down a hillside, to building them out of wood, and finally out of steel, was very similar to other creations. People are realizing that there are better and more efficient ways to create roller coasters made them what they are today. The one principle that we talked about is centripetal force which occurs on the loops on a roller coaster, the inward forces applied on the rider during the loops. In the main part of this essay we learned the physics of roller coasters and how they apply to the riders.

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