The World Of Reading And Writing Essay

The World Of Reading And Writing Essay

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My beginning relations with the world of reading and writing started a bit rocky. I had trouble with the basics. I could not read out loud without a stutter nor a long dreaded pause, until the eighth grade and even now I sometimes find myself stumbling on the words. Along with my troubles with the overall task, I am also partially slow paced. When It comes to writing I take three to four times longer than the average person. This may be due to my stubbornness of perfection or more defiantly my slow processing of information.
Despite my struggles I have developed a strong passion for reading and on some occasions writing. Reading has become a favorite hobby of mine over the years, much so that I get gift cards for Barns and Noble on birthdays and holidays. I have a fascination for science fiction, memoirs, and yes sometime teen romance. I have lost count of the number of novels I have completed. Some I have read for pleasure include: The Hunger Games Trilogy, I am Number Four Series, The Giver, the Divergent Series, The Rules of Inheritance, and The Fault of Our Stars.
With my i...

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