The World Of Oceania By George Orwell Essay examples

The World Of Oceania By George Orwell Essay examples

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In the world of Oceania, the government controls every aspect of their citizens lives. In this totalitarian state, the ‘party’ wants ultimate power over every one of its citizens. The party controls the past, the party controls the present, and the party controls the future. To maintain this status, the party employs a series of extreme tactics to ensure the removal of any citizens who might rebel against the Oceanian government. Through methods of manipulation and reality control, the people of Oceania are left with weak perceptions of reality and are denied the ability to decipher what is real and what is not. In George Orwell’s book 1984, the government is not just controlling the media and commodities, it controls each individual’s thoughts, it practically owns every citizen of Oceania. That is why totalitarianism is so dangerous, it forces ‘group think’ rather than allowing individuality and ‘free thought.’ The Oceanian government looks at what is good for the Party rather than what is good for the needs of their citizens. Absolute power is to be maintained at any cost.

“Big Brother is watching you.” This slogan is a perpetual reminder plastered all over the nation with the purpose of instilling fear into the minds of the people so they do not to do anything that would conflict with what Big Brother wants them to do. Influencing the citizens of Oceania to be law abiding citizens is easy when with the government’s tactical combination of manipulation and fear. They plant the seed of manipulation in families as children are trained to turn in their parents for any misconduct of the law. Between man and wife, they turn a romantic gesture of love such as sex into a mere act of obligatory procreation for the Party. Then the gover...

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...g Brother and think that there is no possibility of this world becoming a reality, but there are still modern countries that have similar aspects to them. In the United States, the issue of surveillance and the growing technology that is able to track and see things without your consent. Also, countries like North Korea are uncannily similar to Oceania and Big Brother as the people of North Korea look up to the ‘great leader’ Kim Jong-un. With manipulation and heavy use of propaganda, the people of North Korea are under strict law that parallels the tactics used in 1984. Lastly, communist China, who spits out just as much propaganda as North Korea, also puts a heavy hand on what news is okay for public consumption and what news needs to be censored. While many deny that present day society is even similar to 1984’s restrictive society, we are closer than they think.

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