The World of Luxury: Louis Vuitton Essay examples

The World of Luxury: Louis Vuitton Essay examples

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There are many luxurious brands excelling but the most successful one that surprises their customers and also the most affordable-depending on your class- is Louis Vuitton-. The world of luxury is not just exclusive but also secretive too. Most of the luxurious brands are private, like Channel and Rolex and therefore do not need to show the public their results but the public luxurious brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton let the public know about their results. Louis Vuitton one of the oldest fashion brand in business for one hundred and fifty five years (155) and has four hundred and twenty six stores including four in New Zealand. Everyone knows Louis Vuitton as a brand but hardly do people know the founder of Louis Vuitton. I am not here to bore you with just anybody’s life story; I am here with an aim to let you know the struggles Louis went through to get to the top, the journey of the brand so far and the impacts it has had on people’s lives and class.
The designer Louis Vuitton was born on 4th August, 1821 in Anchay in eastern France’s mountainous. He is from a long recognized working class family who are mostly carpenters, joiners, farmers and milliners. Vuitton’s father, Xavier Vuitton was a farmer and his mother Coronne Gaillard was a milliner. His mother died when he was 10 years old and he father soon remarried. Vuitton’s new stepmother was wicked, he got bored of living in Anchay and was tired of his stepmother nagging, Vuitton resolved to run away from Anchay.
In spring 1835, on the first day of the manageable weather, Vuitton left home alone on foot by the age of thirteen. He travelled more than two year taking odd jobs just to feed himself and staying at anywhere he could find accommodation. He walked th...

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...p I wish Jordi a full recovery."
Constans' replacement, Michael Burke, has operated at Vuitton before, supervising their North American business in the Nineties, and has also held senior positions at Dior, Fendi and, most recently, Bulgari.
"I have worked with Michael Burke for many years. He has massive experience in our business and knows Louis Vuitton well," stated Arnault. "He is an experienced leader with a well-rounded profile, rational, culturally diverse and modern. He has brilliant skills in inspiring his teams. I am influenced that he is the right leader for Louis Vuitton's future; he will build on the enterprises launched by Jordi Constans, bringing the dream and drive to continue progressing Louis Vuitton's leadership place in luxury." louis Vuitton does not only manufacture bags but also manufacture other goods such as belts, shoes and shirts.

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