The World Of Computer Technology And Mass Information Essay

The World Of Computer Technology And Mass Information Essay

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The world of computer technology and mass information is now entering the health care field. Even though computers have been around for a while, many different hospitals are getting involved with increasing communications between providers and other hospitals. Many of types of information shared between these entities are patient health information, prescriptions, patient scheduling and financial information (De Oliveira, Arroyo, De Oliveira & Ferreira, 2011).
Furthermore, there is no small nor too big of a format, for governments to use. Local and state governments in North Carolina, use Health Information Systems (HIS), which usually contains data pertinent to the local level, and is usually stored nearby on a server (Miranda & el al., 2013). Local Health Departments are important to using these systems, because while they gather information at a local level, they can also more effectively spread it to other areas (Dubowitz & et al, 2011). Geographic Health Information Systems (GHIS), takes local and state data and matches it nationally with census data (Miranda & et al., 2013).
Additionally, another example of how HIS are used nationally are the immunization registries. Using a HIS for these registries, lets scientist see how well certain reform programs are doing, and can allow for them to see what influences might have caused negative results (Hinman & Ross, 2010). Once GHIS and HIS are used to compare local, state and national data, policymakers can then figure out ways to reduce cost and improve better quality of care among citizens (Yilmaz, Erdur & Türksever, 2013).
Also, with figuring out ways to improve quality of care, many disparities are looked at by GHIS and HIS. Currently, much of the effort used for these system...

... middle of paper ... when submitting paperwork. While there is very limited laws, besides that of HIPAA to protect people, there are still legal ramifications for hospitals that violate some company ethics.
Usually, these laws resemble the expression that if you scratch my back, I will scratch yours. This is primarily why the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Anti-Referral rules were made. An example of breaking the Anti-Kickback law would be, offering free hardware if an HIS was installed for a hospital system (Shay, 2005). This not only effects the companies control over the hospital IT department, but also leaves them to rely on the organization to provide hardware. Examples of the Stark rule is completely different. If an office refers someone to another office based on mutual relationships it is illegal, but does not really need software or hardware to break the law (Shay, 2005).

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