The World of Comedy Among the British and the American Culture Essay

The World of Comedy Among the British and the American Culture Essay

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Exploring the world of comedy and its demands, by researching and understanding the inner nature of two different comedians, who came from two distinct cultures. It is important to research comedy to study both, the American and the British culture, in order to be inform, empowered, and most importantly to be able to make an educated decision based on your final view towards the British and the American humor.
Comedy is intended to be humorous, to make people laugh. When it comes to comedy in the form of television and film, comedians have to target themselves to come up with ideas that blend with the market. Every comedy it’s suitable for a particular audience that views it. On the other hand, the filmmakers and television executives are in charge of selecting who will represent them in accordance with their intended audiences. If what’s being presented becomes an amusement to the majority of followers, and film critics, then the marketable comedy will receive higher ratings as well as the comedian.
The United States and Great Britain are two different countries that represent different cultures. In my research I decided to use a well know comedian from each country to compare and understand humor, also to see how each comedian was able to translate their humor to their own intended audience. On one hand I have Cheech Marin, an American comedian, actor and -

director born in Los Angeles. Now on the other hand I have Rowan Atkinson, who is an actor, comedian and screenwriter, born in the United Kingdom. The comparisons found are the following. First, they were both born with a natural comedic instinct. Second, they were nationally known in their mid twenties. Third, they went through various struggles as they were being re...

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