Essay on The World Of Business

Essay on The World Of Business

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The World of Business
The goals and responsibility of any financial manager affects the wealth of a firm’s shareholder. Financial manager must understand their positions in their firm because they could increase the corporation valve and the shareholder’s wealth. Firms will take the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) decision’s to either stay private or have an IPO (initial Pubic Offering). Will receiving an IPO demolish or increase the investment of the corporation in the market. The market has different structures for corporations that will affect their investment encounters with the different institutions that are currently in the market.
The decisions that a financial manager makes affects any firm. There are three important factors that will affect a corporation, they are how to make capital budget, structure, and management decisions for the corporation’s investment. Their objective is their decision in the corporation total valve that will effect the shareholders of the corporation; therefore, the decision the CFO makes to the CEO and to the board of director will make a positive or negative impact of the owners of the corporation. The owners (shareholders) will either sell or buy stock in the corporation which will have a direct impact on the total valve of the corporation (Titman, Keown, & Martin, 2014, p. 9).
Working in the financial department it will be my responsibility to ensure that I’m trusted with the finances of the corporation. The finance department could jeopardize the entire corporation’s investments, and it would be my responsibility to report any mishandling of documentation to the financial manager. It would then be the financial manager’s responsibility to find and fix the financial issue that may ar...

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...ntage for you and for the company, and you don’t want to place your investment in the wrong company and starting all over. There are different investment institutions and financial institutions available for the borrowers and savers. The financial institutions that are available will assist the borrowers or the savers depending on the what their situation is. It will be the up to the borrower on institution that they may need since there are different varies of them such as banks, insurance, and investment banks. The saver will invest with a financial institution that will suit his needs if the saver wants to invest for retirement, 401Ks, college funds, and mutual funds. Its not as simple as who is the borrowers and who are the savers because there are companies that rely on funding and those that are willing to invest into funds that will raise wealth in world.

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