The World Of Business And It Changed My Life Essay

The World Of Business And It Changed My Life Essay

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A few months ago if someone asked me what the definition of the word “portico” was I wouldn’t have an answer. Portico, in its literal meaning, is a grand entrance to a building supported by large columns. However, this meaning delves much deeper than that. Portico was my introduction to the world of business and it taught me to think in a way I previously never did before. The class challenged me to think about the all the consequences of my actions and to make decisions ethically. I truly believe that I picked up lessons that will not only help me in my professional life but in my personal life as well.
One topic that we covered in class that really stuck with me was how giving money or gifts to other people not only increases their happiness but your own as well. Money can easily become a distraction and it is very easy to adopt a profit driven mindset. I am not going to lie and say that the possibility of making a lot of money wasn’t a big reason why I decided to enroll in CSOM, because in fact it was. After taking this course I learned that there are ways to make your life happier aside from focusing solely on your own wealth. There are statistics that back up the claim that you actually are more content with life if you spend money on other people rather than use it for yourself. Knowing that you positively impacted another person’s life can give you satisfaction that cannot be gained anywhere else. It doesn’t even matter how much money you actually spend or what you spend it on as long as it is for someone else.
Another lesson I took away from this course was that as college students we are going to be given a huge responsibility once we enter the workforce. The future of our country and even the world rests on the decision...

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...als were short term. Portico taught us the importance of thinking about the long term impact when making important decisions. Improving my ability and willingness to think more about my long term goals is another character trait that I want to work on. I can accomplish this by continuing to write down goals and make a concerted effort to think about what my long term ones are.
My first semester in college would not have been the same if it wasn’t for the lessons Portico taught me. It got me to start thinking about how I can improve the lives of not only myself but everyone around me. The business world today is filled with selfish and corrupt CEO’s who only care about their own profits. Portico started to give me the tools necessary to change this business culture. It is up to my peers and I to continue to develop these tools and make the world a better place for all.

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