The World Of A One World Government Essay

The World Of A One World Government Essay

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In the modern world of globalization is important to realize that there are existing organizations that serve the purpose of a one-world government. The United Nation serves as a one-world government without any sovereignty. The plan to have a one-world government would not need much restriction but take the existing structure and make sure that is beneficial to all continents and not just the élite.

The need for a one-world government is clear because there are already existing grouping of states such as the Pan Africa to combat the social issues that happen in African countries. The existence of states working together to meet a common goal has become a popular form to solve problems within different states. The one world government would merely serve as an enforcer to make sure that states do not break contacts.

States invest time in world meetings each year to discuss strategies to solve issues such as world hunger or climate change. The different states may come with beneficial solutions but there is no structure in place to issue that states implement these strategies. The first worlds are the biggest contributors to climate change but in reality, there is no structure to punish these countries. However, if it was a small country in the third world the United Nations has the ability to borrow the sovereignty of the United States of America bring implements punishment. This brings a question of fairness within the globe; first world countries have liberties to rule the world as they see fit without objects from anyone. The United Nations given sovereignty to enforce law and punishment would be a form a one-world government.

The important factor of having a one-world government is to regulate authority, power, and resource...

... middle of paper ...

...s an essential resource, farming sector or technology. Powerful corporation controls most resources and governments sell their souls to belong to this corporation meaning that the hierarchy of the power in most states has changed. The society is the workers to the governments, the governments are the workers to the corporations, therefore, the corporation is divine. A small number of people obsessed with profit control everything.

Thirdly would be to protect the government from itself by ensuring that it is always practicing politics and not idiotic. The one world government would also ensure that governments actually do the duties to guarantee the effectiveness of a government. Since the one world government would have sovereignty in all the states in the globe, it would have the ability to increase cost and benefits to these states which are not being effective.

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