World Literature Homework : Sabrina Ferreiro 28 / 8 Essay

World Literature Homework : Sabrina Ferreiro 28 / 8 Essay

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WORLD LITERATURE HOMEWORK: Sabrina Ferreiro 28/8/14

1st Reflective and Analytic Essay:

Krik? Krak! is a book with a set of stories which somehow seem to go in a cycle and could be related and linked to each other . Davis Rocio G. states in his critical essay “A cycle may be defined as “a set of stories linked to each other in such a way as to maintain a balance between the individuality of each of the stories and the necessities of the larger unit.”” Krik? Krak! is made in such way to make the story telling easier to understand and remember because it gives a sense of storytelling for both the speaker and reader.
Throughout all the series of stories in the book Krik? Krak? There is a constant variable in all of them; each short story shows a different type of suffering and how it affects them such as loss, the past, love and actual pain. As Davis Rocio G. stated in his critical essay : “ These three recurring images – the butterfly, the wish for flight , and death of infants—highlight the themes of innocence and the price paid for its loss, of the need to escape and of freed...

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