The World Is Flat, He Was Right Essay

The World Is Flat, He Was Right Essay

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When Friedman stated the "the world is flat" he was right (Friedman 12). The 21st century world is neither defined by physical barriers, time, or distance. More so, geographical differences are no longer barriers to human actions or interactions. All this is due to technology which has promoted the aspect off globalization. The world is indeed becoming a global village due to the elimination of all the barriers that existed before. It is now possible to conduct business or any other transaction thanks to the wave of globalization that serves to promote and increase the aspects of human interactions. It is for this reason that Matthew Sparke notes in his book titled, "Introducing globalization" that the world is officially a global village. His statement could not be further away from the truth. Globalization has thus impacted on almost every facet of human life and their interaction. As technology continues to improve, it is evident that it is shaping people 's live in almost all parts of the world be it in the developed or developing world.
In her book, "Re-envisioning Global Development, Halperin Sandra affirms with Spark 's definition of globalization (Halperin 31). It is evident that globalization has its fair share in giving reasons as to how people 's lives have been shaped by the improvement in technology and the increased globalization. This affirms Sparkes message in his work on globalization. As part of his studies on globalization, Sparkes goes ahead to note that globalization shapes on the lives of the individuals regardless of whether they are from developing countries or not. The impact on the lives depends on the opportunities that globalization offers in life. If the opportunities are
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...eas from the developing world reach out there, they may lack opportunities and thus decide to join criminal gangs that would help them to survive there. In the end, they turn out to be threats to national security. Though not all, some are good and once they immigrate there, they may be lucky and get a chance to work. Others keep up the hunt for better opportunities despite the problems they experience while in another country.
It is thus evident that whether one is in a developing world or not, globalization plays an important part in shaping up how individuals in a given country will behave and act. It helps to determine their awareness to some aspects such as conservation of the environment, consciousness towards a given job opportunities and other aspects of the society. The finding thus show that globalization indeed plays a part in shaping real people 's lives.

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