The World is Flat -Chapters 7 & 8 Essay examples

The World is Flat -Chapters 7 & 8 Essay examples

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The Right Stuff
Constant change and a flat, global competitive market landscape were described by Thomas Friedman, author of The World is Flat, as triple convergence and was a result of the ten flatteners. Friedman also stated that in “Globalization 1.0, countries had to think globally. In Globalization 2.0, companies had to think globally to thrive, or at least survive. In Globalization 3.0, individuals have to think globally to thrive, or at least survive.” (Friedman, 2007) The concept of needing individuals to think globally and thrive in the market led Friedman to travel and report on various educational cultures across the world. Friedman was determined to find “the right stuff” to make the youth in future generations competitive globally.
Friedman interviewed Alan Blinder, a Princeton economist who suggested the United States needs a “transformation in education to produce workers for jobs that will exist in our future society.” (Friedman, 2007) The Princeton economist also states that there is a requirement in the future that the work force needs to be flexible and capable of dealing with non-routine change. (Friedman, 2007) Friedman learned from Alan Blinder that the parents, educators and mentors of today and tomorrow need to focus on the importance “how we educate our children versus focusing merely on the volume of education.” (Friedman, 2007) Based on Friedman’s travel across international borders and his ability to interview Blinder, students, and other professionals in our diverse world, Friedman developed five skill sets or attitudes toward learning that will assist in synergizing our young generation for the future. These five skill sets are called “the right stuff.” (Friedman, 2007) Friedman sugg...

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...Duke does not mention the necessity for liberal arts education in addition to science and math to enhance the creative mind and global competitiveness. Duke University however does agree with Friedman that the United States’ engineers and scientists are under-paid and under-valued which creates a lack of excitement or drive for students to graduate in the sciences. Duke University and Friedman agree that increased excitement, increased education strategies, funding along with ambition can create the American dream and increase individual and global competitiveness. (Wadhwa, 2007)

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