The World Is A Pure And Righteous Place Essay

The World Is A Pure And Righteous Place Essay

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According to Socrates, Guardians are to be the leaders, lawmakers and the rulers. They are to be the courageous, temperate, holy and free individuals who rule over the producers and auxiliaries. However, Socrates’ proposes that they are sheltered from the injustice, unpleasant or just deemed “bad” actions of the world. He feels that the youth who will grow up to be guardians are overly impressible and censorship will help them only absorb the good and righteous stories. However, censorship of actions from our leaders doesn’t make them good leaders at all. A leader needs to see both sides of the story, to have emotion and composure all in one. If we shield our future leaders from pain, sorrow, anger, lust or pleasure in their youth, how will they react to such a foreign emotion during their reign? If they are raised to believe the world is a pure and righteous place, how can they understand someone’s pain, or frustration with the world? In order to be a good ruler of the people, the Guardians should know what the people know; nothing should be censored from them.

This ideal society that Socrates envisions is firstly, impractical. We cannot rid the world of bad people so those destined to be guardians never come in contact with them. People are imperfect and will always do something that may not be justified or pleasant. Preventing the guardians from never meeting or seeing someone with sorrow, pain or anger, is impractical because the world works in mysterious ways and someone is always hurting. Another impractical aspect is that idea that good and bad are related. It is hard to distinguish goodness from bad if you do not know both. If the guardians only know and understand things taught to them as good or pleasant, they cannot u...

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... the people the rule over. For instance, within the first dialogue of Plato’s third chapter of the Republic, Socrates wants to remove any fearfulness of death or the Underworld, from stories or tales so the youth do not fear dying. An alternative is to include these stories, and tell them about the agony, and pain the people feel during the dying process, but then highlight the peace and end of suffering that comes after. This helps the rulers and later the people understand that death is natural and shouldn’t be scary.
Overall, the Guardians need to be taught the good and the bad, so they can be the unbiased judgment between the two. With the knowledge of good times and bad times, the Guardians will have an appreciation for happiness and joy that is in the world. With this they can better understand their subjects and develop a mutual relationship between the two.

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