The World Is A Dangerous Place Essay

The World Is A Dangerous Place Essay

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The World Is a Dangerous Place
The world population is dangerous. Everyone has some sort of weapon hidden somewhere in their house—in the corner, under the bed, in the drawer, and each weapon ready to be used. Many people use them for protection, buying them the legal way by getting their background information checked, while others buy them off the streets. On average, 300 shootings happen each year in the U.S., many by people in the “hood.” However, the guns they use half the time are unmarked weapons, which means they bought them on the streets. It would be really hard trying to stop people buying unmarked guns, so why would we try to stop people from buying them off the street? I believe guns are needed for protection, hunting, and for war; without weapons, there would be no way to protect ourselves. What could be done is make everyone who wants a gun go through a hunter’s safety class and a gun course to make people realize how dangerous guns are. Gun sellers at a gun show also can get away with selling a gun to a felon because at gun shows background checks are not required.
Gun violence statistics, crimes committed with guns, and the ready availability and large number of privately owned guns in the U.S. have spurred support for gun control laws and more enforcement. These are just some of the reasons why people want to raise restrictions. Ways to get guns out of criminals’ hands is by doing what Oregon and Colorado have done, which is making people who sell guns do a required background check before they can sell a weapon at a gun show; without having a background check on the owners of the guns, they could sell the guns to another felon. Many of the weapons used to kill people are pistols. According to the federal governm...

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...e makes perfect. Would we want someone protecting our bodies that has never shot a gun before or someone that has been shooting guns in their whole life?
Guns do not kill people; people kill people. If we teach people how dangerous the guns are, then our world will be a safer place. We need to fix the “gun show loophole”, in which if you are going to buy a gun, you must have a card that is like a passport in which you sign up for it before you go out and buy a gun. If you do not have the card, then you cannot buy a gun. People are afraid; they will do anything to protect themselves, even if that means killing someone. Guns are important to some people because they can serve as a memorable day of hunting with a family member that passed away, they serve as protection from others who wish to do harm, and they help protect the United States from some of the terrorists.

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