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The World In The 1950s Essay

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The Yalta Conference was attended by the three leaders, Premier Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union, Prime Minister Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States of America. As decided by the three leaders, Germany was to be split into four parts, with the last occupation zone being put under French control. In addition, Germany had to pay reparations to the Soviet Union “to compensate for 20 million Russian deaths” (Yalta, World). The conference concluded that Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, and parts of Czechoslovakia would be independent and hold free elections. Stalin, however, insisted on future cooperation from these nations. As a preemptive move to dissuade any one nation from gaining excessive power, the United States suggested the establishment of a united force of nations. Other provision that were spoken about were how to stop Japan. The Soviet Union affirmed its intention to join the war against Japan.
The Yalta conference was followed by the Potsdam conference after Germany had surrendered unconditionally and Japan continued to fight. Churchill was replaced by Clement Atlee as the prime minister of Great Britain in the middle of the conference. Stalin was joined by the United States’ new president, Harry Truman, Clement Atlee and Winston Churchill at the beginning of the Potsdam Conference. This time the United States established the United Nations. An establishment of a council of foreign ministers, a way to rid the German navy and merchant marine, conclusion of peace treaties and admission into the UN was agreed upon too. At this meeting, the three countries were drawing up an ultimatum for Japan to either surrender unconditionally or prepare for th...

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...nullify the hostility between both countries.

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