World Hunger Is Different From Regular Hunger Essay

World Hunger Is Different From Regular Hunger Essay

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What do you think about when someone says world hunger? When we look at the words, world hunger, we see more than just a problem, we see a major issue for the world as a whole. The Word hunger, is derived from three terms. Webster mainly defines hunger as, "The uneasy or painful sensation caused by the want or craving for food." This being said we see hunger in the USA as a small ordeal. When our belly rumble we tend to go to a vending machine, or McDonalds, or our favorite eating diner. However, world hunger is a big issue, where there is no simply trip to a vending machine or McDonalds solutions. Not only does world hunger affect a large amount of the world and the children, but there are even more cases where this hunger can lead to many dangerous things such as death.
World hunger is different from regular hunger. World hunger at best describes a hunger on a global scale, that deals with either malnutrition, or under nutrition. An example of this would be some familiar faces we normally all see when staying up late at night. We know that worldwide there are many countries that suffer from world hunger because of the lack of food, or a natural disaster that has left the food they have uneatable. A better example of this would be the traumatic event that fell upon hati in 2010. A large tsunami swept across Haiti killing thousands, and leaving many without food or the ability to obtain food.

It 's no secret to anyone that not only do the lack of proper environments effect the amount of food people are able to obtain. But when you have a world that is stricken with war, you find that the levels of poverty tend to increase over time. Even though the number of actual hungry humans has dropped significantly over the...

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... not the only ones suffering. Children are involved and they go to bed hungry every night.6.3 million children under the age of five died in 2013, it was nearly seventeen thousand every day. Even when we don’t see or hear about it millions of kids are dying from this. 3.1 million children die each year. Not eating like they should and them being poorly nourished can cause them to easily catch diseases like measles and malaria. And they just don’t go to bed hungry they also go to school hungry as well. The schools don’t have any money to help feed them. These children try to make the best out of what they have and try to get through this ongoing battle they have to face every day. Because their parents aren’t able to work to get them the proper nutrients they need the children have to suffer. Either they cannot afford food or they can’t get food with enough nutrients.

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