World History Planning And Periodization Is Difficult And Controversial Because Schools

World History Planning And Periodization Is Difficult And Controversial Because Schools

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World History is a subject area taught in many schools throughout the country. It is a subject that many students enjoy participating in and learning. Despite this, World History is difficult to put into a curriculum and is generally taught in much lesser quality when compared to United States History being taught in that same curriculum; moreover, World History is never given the proper time it deserves when placed under state standards that detract from its teaching and its quality. World History planning and periodization are difficult and controversial because schools tend to emphasize United States History more in curriculum, there is a lack of time for instructors to teach it under Common Core Standards, and there are two distinct philosophies divided on how it is taught and prevent it from being taught in effective unity.
From my own personal experience in Oklahoma schools, World History planning and periodization is difficult because schools typically choose to not put adequate focus on it due to the lack of state testing focusing on it; moreover, students are almost always tested in United States History as opposed to World History. Because of this, schools have the perspective of World History as a taught subject being inadequate and less valuable in comparison to United States History. State-mandated tests that track student progress determine how much funding schools receive; therefore, most schools see it imperative that students receive exceptional instruction in United States History and average instruction in World History. Consequently, exceptional teachers are placed into United States History classes to better ensure students are prepared to succeed on state tests whereas teachers with below-average quality are...

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...ation of the subject because not everyone, faculty or administration, subscribes to the same Arena; therefore, conflict and disagreement arises for where World History should be focused in the classroom.
Teaching World History in a classroom is difficult because schools favor United States History more due to the potential federal benefits it provides, Common Core Standards make it challenging for a teacher to form a proper and well-balanced curriculum, and two split philosophies further fracture the potential of it being adequately taught by the instructor. These complications force a cherished subject to be tarnished by ineffective instruction and lack of passion. This results in students not receiving a quality study into World History and quality teachers not being afforded the opportunity to expand their curriculum in a qualitative manner with another subject.

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