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The world has gotten flat. With the triple convergence it made it so people all over can work together and complete a task. The world has gotten flat. With the triple convergence it made it so people all over can work together and complete a task. With the world becoming more open it has caused the issue of when should a government delegate jobs to other countries and when should they keep them within the country. With the world becoming an opening playing field how someone can become untouchable, how can they adopt to the situations around them.
The first convergence put the ten forces that flattened the world together. The forces are: 11/9/89 when the walls came down the windows went up, 8/9/95 when the web went around and Netscape went public, work flow software, the flat-world platform emerges, uploading harnessing the power of communities, outsourcing, offshoring, Supply-chaining, insourcing, in-forming, and the steroids. By putting these all together it shows how the world has and is changing. With most of the world having access to the internet and technology it has made it so that the world has become a global market. With products being able to produce cheaper in different countries and with people living in different countries being able to work on the same program it has made it so that the world has become flatter.
The second convergence was about the first convergence and it entering into the business world. It took business longer for a few reasons. One reason is because it takes some time for business to be able to create the change. Bigger business with bigger facilities had to find a way to be able to change to the new technology without losing revenue. To do this they would create smaller facilities with the ne...

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...d in the field has branched out. One of the better artist had gone to architecture. Showing how with the skills that once were used for one profession can be used for another.
What being untouchable means to me is that though time and new technology you are able to adapt to what is available for you to do. In my field a way I can do that is to keep up with all the different programing languages and also know about previous languages. One thing that I can do is when companies move to new languages they do not want to have to recode all that has already been done but find someone who can still make the old code work with the new code but it still has to be efficient. A lot of people are going into the computer science field so there is a need for me to keep my code efficient and become specialized in a part of the field like networking that less people are going into.

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