The World Has Gone Digital Essay

The World Has Gone Digital Essay

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Technology is advancing and the world is evolving. Change is inevitable. The world has grown to accept change. The internet has made many things obsolete that were so prevalent in the past. Newspapers have been replaced with news articles and blogs online. Letters have been replaced with emails. Music has become an underlying factor for feelings that sometimes can not be expressed into words. With that being said, the way we obtain music has changed over time as well. Physical copies of albums aren’t being sold in stores like they used to be. The music world has gone digital. This has lead to many complications in the music industry from digital downloading, streaming and piracy. The music industry is adjusting with the rest of the world. However, in the process many musicians aren’t being paid enough for their work.
The business world is all about supply and demand. There is always a high demand for music and music from certain celebrities based on their discography and popularity. This demand has lead to many problems over the past decade. One of the main problems is illegal downloading and piracy. Sometimes when an artist plans to release their album, it leaks. This means that the album has been exploited from a producer to the internet. This has happened so much that it is almost normal nowadays. As a result, artists may lose out on sales.
Streaming has become a popular tool for music listeners recently. This tool is making physical copies of albums almost obsolete. According to Deseret News, streaming has become the primary way people listen to music (Chandra). The industry had to adjust to incorporate streaming into actual sales because it’s becoming so prevalent. Many people, including artists are against streaming. I...

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...urces, we can provide what we need for ourselves (Kreps).” Like Taylor Swift, Jay-Z took a courageous move with this streaming service. Tidal is working toward being counted into Nielson Music Scans and Billboard. Many doubters believe that Tidal-exclusives can result in an artist’s album flopping. Beyoncé proved this to be a myth with her new album, “LEMONADE.”
Although streaming services are not quite accepted, the future still looks promising. Streaming gives listener’s options. It prevents less piracy. Although there are many critics, the music industry is accepting it more each day. The way we obtain music has been changed. With all of the technological advances in the world, streaming is just another one. The world will soon have to adjust. In contrast to illegal downloading, streaming contributes to the benefits of both recording artists and its’ listeners.

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