The World Had Four Countries Essay

The World Had Four Countries Essay

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The world had four countries: Lera, Vallos, Olso and Ruina. Like most worlds these four countries do not get along. Lera demand war against Ruina, by uniting Vallos and Lera by marriage. Ruina is in ruins as their country leader was killed, and the citizens hunted. Ruina look for Olso for help, yet Olso is in it for the gain, but not the sacrifice. In a world where politics, war and marriage ruled the lands, love seemed to find no place in the matter.

Emelina Flores was born with nothing. Sure her mother was the Queen of Ruina, her little sister Olivia meant the world to her, yet in a country where everyone had powers, Em did not. Em was born without any powers. Not a one, leaving her mother, Wenda Flores, was disappointed. Yet Wenda still loved her powerless daughter as she told her this one day: “Stop worrying about what you don’t have and start focusing on what you do. Make people tremble when they hear your name. Fear is your power.” Nerveless the throne had a successor as Olivia, delved extraordinary powers, but Em was always going to be her trusted adviser. Life was planned...

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