The World Full Of Double Standards Essay

The World Full Of Double Standards Essay

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We live in a world where if a man raped a woman, it’s the end of the world full of traumatizing memories and yet if a woman were to rape a man, there would be other women out there just condoning it as if that was ok. Yes, my approach was strong, but I truly believe we live in a world full of double standards, making it a little difficult to live under some circumstances. I feel outraged and disappointed that there isn’t much gender equality out there, but there are feminists and meninists, which I believe isn’t a real thing due to how extreme these people get. There’s somethings that aren’t ok for a man to do, but it’s absolutely alright for a woman. Whereas a man can do something and if a woman does is, she gets looked down upon.
So when did this all start? It began when I was around the age of 5-6, It was my best friend’s birthday party and she decided to do a slumber party. Well when I asked my mom about it, she bluntly said,”no.” As the obedient child I was, my Saturday night was filled with spending quality time with mom and dad! Then Sunday morning came and I realized that my ...

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