World Class Security : Customer 's Data Is Protected From Multidimensional Security

World Class Security : Customer 's Data Is Protected From Multidimensional Security

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In the light of the changes within the technological world, Salesforce needed to come up with a solution to allow a “platform as a service” (PaaS) enabling developers to create add-on applications for This PaaS has allowed Salesforce to give the same functionality to all it’s over 55,400 customers. This is allowing them to gain the benefits of high-scale performance and functionality that some of the smaller customers would not have the money to invest in on their own. There are seven standards that Salesforce must consider having cloud computing platforms, these are recommendations, each specific industry and/or customer will have their own specific security requirements. By adhering to these seven before even getting to specifics with a customer often times Salesforce has all of the security that a specific customer needs and more.
1. World-Class Security: Customer’s data is protected from multidimensional security breech possibilities. Some of the examples of the measures taken are user authentication, physical security, application security, and data encryption. Salesforce also has the following security certifications, SAS 70 Type II, ISO27001, third-party vulnerability, and SOX. By obtaining these certifications it allows the customers to know what type of security requirements they are meeting without even having to meet with a team
2. Trust and Transparency: To gain and keep the trust of its customers they post daily performance and service-quality data on their website for the public to see the real-time and historical maintenance notices and service status.
3. True Multitenancy: Salesforce operates limited physical infrastructure designed to let users share the physical pieces. This allows for...

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...and data entry can be very time consuming and the vision of making it more streamlined is already at the front of the learning and development teams’ minds.
After the full implementation of the Sales Cloud and 3M plans enhance the package with the Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. With all of 3M on this single platform, 3M will have access to real time sales data and information on its customers. This will make it easier to project for future sales growth, as well as areas of opportunity. Dashboards will be able to be created quickly by gathering data at the company’s fingertips. Perhaps most importantly, sales representatives, customer service agents, marketing staff, and technical service agents, regardless of country or region of the world, will be communicating on a single platform where information is shared and communication is streamlined and easy.

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