The World Class Has Learning Outcomes Essay

The World Class Has Learning Outcomes Essay

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Though out the semester, part of the course requirement for WORLD is to attend WORLD series, which is an event that different people from different fields come and teach to students. These events are diverse, and sometimes connect to the teachings in the WORLD 101 class. The WORLD 101 class has learning outcomes, which is the professors goal to have every student learn throughout the course. One learning outcome that was satisfied by some of the WORLD series is “Recognize and differentiate rhetorical approaches and styles”. The WORLD series that fulfill this outcome was the presentation with Ekow King, the sexual assault panel, and the showing of “Iron Jawed Angels”.
In the presentation with Ekow King, an associate adjunct professor of African studies at U-Albany, he fulfilled this learning outcome. The learning outcome means using different teaching techniques to learn. King showed a different lecture style by not standing up in front of the audience and talked at us, but by getting the audience involved with his message. Key parts of the lecture were to help the students understand diversity and inclusion. His teaching style was not just to tell us the definition of each, but explain the definitions in a unique manner. King stated how diversity isn’t always about race and gender, but can be compared as risk takers and non-risk takers. He further explained into groups of people who would jump out of a plane to the ones who wouldn’t, and of these people who would jump were further separated into groups of people who would pack their own parachutes and people leaving the packing up to the professionals. The explanation of inclusion he provided was compared to a child’s game duck duck goose. The way he explained, was a...

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...rote about the treatment they faced in jail. The note turned into a letter, and the letter was sent to the senator’s wife, which helped the suffragettes escape jail. Throughout the protest and suffering, it turned out to be worth it when in 1920 the bill was passed granting women the right to vote. This WORLD series provided a different view to the students, showing them the issues and treatment instead of just talking to the students about it. The movie was a creative way to get students attention and could help students learn from the visual effects a movie provides. The movie fulfils the learning outcome because for visual learners like myself, helped understand the topics and issues discussed in the film. These events helped students understand different topics, but also taught different learning styles to every students, some more beneficial than others.

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