The World Before and After the Discovery of Chemistry Essay

The World Before and After the Discovery of Chemistry Essay

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This paper will be meant to discuss the world before and after the discovery of chemistry and how it came about. The main topic of this essay is on the history of chemistry and its impacts on our everyday lives. You may sit there and ask yourself, “What will I ever do with chemistry in my everyday life?” Truthfully from my standpoint I have come to realize that chemistry is a very important part of our everyday lives. The process in you breathing and how the oxygen is converted to carbon dioxide and then how the plants go through photosynthesis and then produce oxygen for us to breathe and live longer. Although some of this may seem simple, most of it truly is simple. You just have to put a little bit of thought into it.

Before the discovery of chemistry the Periodic Table of Elements was never formed so we had no idea what the world was made of or even what the air we breathe every day is made of. According to University of Columbia’s website ( ) the first every recorded history of the discovery of chemistry is back in 1700 BC. The discovery was that, “Known metals were recorded and listed in conjunction with heavenly bodies.” Such a discovery blew people’s minds, because who on Earth could ever even fathom such a thought or an assumption like that. The only thing is that this was all the way back in the prehistoric times before we had any technology at all when we progress to the 1780’s AD when inventions were bringing in major results such as Mendeleev’s theory of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Natural resources back then definitely were slowing down the processes of discovering new materials and elements. Back when we had no technology at all really, ...

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...d utterly amazing. Who would have even imagined back in the ‘20’s that we would have television or hopefully one day a cure for all cancer.

This paper was meant to discuss the History of Chemistry and how it has affected us now and how it has changed us from the past. Advances in modern chemistry have brought us to a whole new level of inventions and discoveries. All of the examples above are great to look over and just ponder over their true greatness. I guess the true test of our society is will we put these advances to a good cause or will we use them for the evil that could come? Every single day you take in a breath and you look around and see the leaves changing, you are witnessing chemistry at its best. Soon one day there will be a perfect world or even worlds if your technology will provide us. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this essay.

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