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The World Bank Development Report Essay

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Because of international development in the top, the social space in the mountain disadvantages individuals at the bottom. The World Bank Development Report for 2009, social space is conceptualized as the mountain, which represents individuals networked within space. The people within the social space contribute to the system by providing human capital to sustain the mountain, which represents the center of the network. However, the poor individuals networked in the social space are ostracized, underpaid, and overworked. The lives of the colonized individuals networked in the social space are equally importance as the colonizers. Understanding who controls the social space in the mountain is significant to recognize barriers and boundaries for individuals networked in the system. The government control is linked to the correlation of power because the political system is responisble for income inequality for all inidivudals that occupy the social space in the mountain. The World Bank Development Report for 2009 highlighted the three dimensions of development, density, division, and distance. The three dimensions provide a close look at the wealth gap between the wealthy and the poor individuals in the mountain.
The three aspects of development, density, division, and presents the discourse between the poor and Third World countries. The wealthy are winning the race for prosperity and everyone loses and suffers because of the rich becoming richer. First, the density represents a relationship between population and the amount of social interaction within the network. Second, the division includes differences in social class, language, culture, and race. Third, the distance is the amount that individuals agree and associate with...

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...orld countries. First, the density represents a relationship between population and the amount of social interaction within the network. Second, the division includes differences in social class, language, culture, and race. Third, the distance is the amount that individuals agree and associate with persons having different social characteristics. The three dimensions of development are central to the idea that the mountain is only as successful as the human capital network in the social space. The discourse of the poor and Third World countries is conceptualized as social space, which decreases as individuals migrate to cities. The mountain will run out of space for individuals to network human capital. For 200,000 years of existence , human beings are born at the top, middle, or bottom, but at the conclusion of life, all individuals experience death at the bottom.

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