The World And Other Places By Jeanette Winterson Essay

The World And Other Places By Jeanette Winterson Essay

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By taking a look back on our lives, it reveals the true nature of our objectives. Based on our limited knowledge and experience, we longed to be the pilot, the robot scientist, the media professional, so on, when we were kids. Do we grow up to fulfill our childhood vision of ourselves? Probably not. New knowledge and new experience modified our whole perception of the world; we were no longer the same person. We have been changing and reinventing ourselves all the time. The process through which a person has been changed so much, including taking up a radically new job, moving on from relationships, and living a new way of life, can be defined as reinvention. In “The World and Other Places”, Jeanette Winterson talks about dreams, reinvention, and the pursuit of individual happiness. Sherry Turkle suggests that what she calls “virtual intimacy”—intimacy that is mediated through some kind of technology—degrades our experience of the other kind of intimacy in her article “Alone Together”. We can reinvent our lives in order to make progress to a certain extent. This process can be multiplied in more ways and more quickly through technology such as avatars or online communities. Reinventing ourselves is not about making drastic changes on our innate characters; it is about developing and recreating what we already have and who we already are.
We reinvent ourselves for the purpose of making progress and exploring who we are. Our dreams are adjusted as we continually develop and grow. Winterson portrays a pilot feeling lost and struggling to find out who he truly is by saying “That night, I knew I would get away, better myself. Not because I despise who I was, but because I did not know who I was. I was waiting to be invented. I was wai...

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...gambler trying to go straight. He thought he might land a job on Monday morning if only he could sleep the weekend in a hostel, get some rest, be clean. For a week he had been sleeping by the steam duct of the garage”(Winterson, p287). Being overlooked, Tony feels like being a ghost and muses on the meaning of muddled life. He is no longer satisfied with the status quo any more. Desperate for a reinvention and a stable job, he makes a firm resolve to give up gambling. However, does his sudden change help him lead a better life? Ironically, he becomes a bagger and cannot even find a place to get a restful sleep. Even though his mind has been reshaped, his knowledge, experience, competence, and other intrinsic qualities are not developed in the wake of the evolution of thoughts; he is fundamentally a gambler. Reinvention is not about creating an alternate personality.

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