Essay on Workspace Conflicts

Essay on Workspace Conflicts

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Successful collaboration between employers and employees creates an environment in which a company can produce and earn effectively, but workspace conflicts between employees and employers are a common occurrence. There is a wide array of reasons that can create a conflict between the two sides, but the most common ones include generational gaps, the inability to create an equal environment within organised structures, properly define employer responsibilities in terms of mandated benefits, and the employers' lack of flexibility in terms of adjusting organisational goals and aims to the contemporary employee demands. Despite the differences in goals and expectations, there is essentially no difference between employers and employees because both sides carry the same amount of responsibility for the company's success. Furthermore, the social dynamics in contemporary society and its labour market require accumulation of social capital in form of bonds and bridges, so employers and employees would benefit from sorting out differences that could potentially escalate into conflicts. The only way for ensuring smooth business operations is through bargaining. While conflicting expectations will remain a part of every working organisation, finding creative solutions is the key in maintaining a positive working environment and avoiding conflict escalation because of different expectations.
According to Ospina (1996), organizations are stratified systems based on a social hierarchy that are built on ideals of equality. The result of the obvious contradiction reflects on the employees' perceptions and reactions within the workplace (Ospina, 1996). Apparently, it is impossible to close the gap between social reality and social ideals, so it...

... middle of paper ... them, but modern companies have to be built on successful social collaborations between employers and employees to achieve long-term benefits (Erickson, 2001). The employers are required to focus on both internal productivity and connecting to external environments to propose and define organisational objectives (Erickson, 2001). Furthermore, they are required to form realistic expectations from their employees, so they will be able to assign duties accordingly (Erickson, 2001). On the other hand, positive attitudes and behaviours among employers assist the company's performance and long-term success (Avey, Wernsing, & Luthans, 2008). It is possible to notice how both sides are responsible for smooth business operations, and a constructive workplace environment can be achieved only through mutual collaboration and finding common grounds on different expectations.

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