Workplace Violence Is Becoming More Of A Norm? Essay

Workplace Violence Is Becoming More Of A Norm? Essay

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Workplace violence is becoming more of a norm than isolated incidences. Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe environment at work. Therefore, a written workplace violence prevention policy should indicate clearly zero tolerance of violence at work. What questions would a HR professional asking about the organization to analyze and plan for workplace violence? Considering the Second Amendment, is it a good idea for the CEO to bring a gun to work? Should there be covert “armed” employees at each organization that are carefully selected (after a thorough background check) by HR managers? Explain why or why not. What are some issues with the traditional way of having an unarmed security guard sitting at the front desk? What rules and regulations must be taken into consideration when making the decision? Thirteen states have signed into law a measure that bans employers from telling workers that they can 't have guns in their cars. Should all states consider such laws? Justify your response.
Plan For Workplace Violence
What questions would a HR professional asking about the organization to analyze and plan for workplace violence? What economic, societal or management-related factors that may contribute violence and how to reduce dose risk factor? Does the organization have a crisis management team? What are the company legal responsibilities to protect it’s the employees? Is there an Employee Assistance Professionals, to help identify high-risk employees, provide counseling to employees and families and to conduct group support sessions after major organizational change and violent events. Are there any resources (training) on stress reduction, substance abuse, managing anger and the identification of ...

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...ent. An employee injured as a result of a gun-related incident at work may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits and the employer has the obligations to pay. Because workers’ compensation laws do not limit a non- employee’s negligence claims, an employer may face negligence claims from a third-party victim of gun-related violence. Employers may also face negligent hiring, retention, or supervision claims if an employee were to use his firearm in an incident of workplace violence against a fellow employee or even a customer.  Even with the purported immunity being considered in some proposed legislation, employers might be subject to a claim based upon negligent hiring.  Because the laws are new and untested, the extent of potential liability will be unknown and at a minimum there will be litigation costs and costs of settlement to avoid the unknowns of trial.

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