The Workplace Issues That Prompt Emma Essay

The Workplace Issues That Prompt Emma Essay

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Describe the workplace issues that prompt Emma (the main character) to consider unionization?

There were a couple of workplace issues that prompt Emma to consider unionization. When Emma started to work at Patty’s she noticed how unfair people are being treated examples were favoritism, unstable hours and sexual harassment. When Patty’s received a new head manager from there everything went down hill. Some issues were cutting employee hours. Dale targeted the single mom employees who truly needed this job. For example there was a scene in the movie when he was in the office with some of the single moms letting them know that he’s pushing to cut their shifts. Knowing that they have major responsibilities compared to the high school employees that live with their parents and have no major responsibilities.
Another issue that stood throughout the work environment was Dale. Dale was very preserving he literally abused his power just so he can reach those numbers head office wanted from him. He only cared about performance not about his employees. He always had this one saying to his employees “you can either make money or go home”. All Dale actually cared about was making money so he can score big bonuses. Dale surely wanted to assemble to his employees selling patties is their number one priority if you want to continue working at Patty’s. Dale also loved to pick on Emma for the smallest odds and ends. Examples not smiling while working the drive thru, or not making specific drive thru times. Also there was one situation when Emma experienced sexual harassment and verbal abuse while waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. These reasons defiantly woke her up to obtain a union at Patty’s before these conditions get wors...

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...end. Management responded by making employees resign petitions to take back signed cards thinking that would help stop the union race and have a favorable chance of winning. Management attempts to dissuade workers by acquiring employees to be more involved in work. Dale is a kinder person at the moment knowing what’s going to be happening if the union wins. There was a scene in the movie where Dale gives the employees school bags as an offering just so workers won’t sign anymore cards and frame the employees to think Dale is actually a wonderful manager and cares about his everyone. Towards the end of the movie unfortunately Emma losses the Union race but decided to do what her father does as his career to become a union adviser. Dale goes back into being the mean and unfair manager he always was intending that he won the race of not having a union at Patty’s.

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