Workplace Attitudes and Job Behaviors Essay

Workplace Attitudes and Job Behaviors Essay

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This study aims to increase understanding of factors that influence employees’ reactions in the workplace. The relationship between conflict among employees, the perception of organizational politics, conflict or ambiguity of workplace roles and several other work outcomes was explored by studying 11 research articles to investigate individual and organizational effects of workplace attitudes and behaviors. Employees need to work together toward common goals in order for an organization to function well but there are many roadblocks hindering the process. Results demonstrated a clear relationship between stressors and behaviors.

Workplace Attitudes and Job Behaviors
Workplace attitudes and workplace performance are two areas of research that are often studied in organizational research. Yet, questions remain about the relationship between the two and the factors that influence them. What are the most crucial elements affecting employee attitudes and how does that affect work behaviors in general? With levels of workplace stress rising, the identification of influencing factors is increasingly important to the health and wellness of both the employee and the organization.
Early studies found a weak link between job satisfaction and job performance, and later research was inconclusive in finding a correlation (Harrison, Newman and Roth, 2006). Subsequent research has attempted to identify relationships between the two, if happier employees are more productive employees, and how factors such as role conflict, role ambiguity and internal political activity affect employee performance. This research is critical to organizations that are struggling to find and retain the best employees who will not only perform the...

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