Workplace Aggression And Its Effects On Workers Essay

Workplace Aggression And Its Effects On Workers Essay

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Workplace aggression and violence is an issue that has been receiving more attention in the media recently. According to Neuman and Baron (1998), workplace violence is behaviours of workplace aggression involving physical assaults of harming others at work. In the healthcare industry, statements have indicated that healthcare providers have faced the highest number of Type 2 violence in which the perpetrators are patients and visitors who directed physical violence against workers (Phillips, 2016). It has become a growing problem in the healthcare industry for healthcare providers such as nurses to worries about their safety at work according to Cipirano, the 35th president of American Nurses Association (2015, Sept 4). In hope to ensure healthcare workers’ safety and occupational health, several approaches from Industrial – organizational psychology can be applied to gain a deeper understand of the issue and attempt to resolve workplace violence. Hence, it is important to acknowledge the prevalence and negative impact of violence on workers, profiling the factors associated with perpetrators and victims, and implement prevention and managing strategies to reduce the negative impact of violence on workers.
Workplace violence is not news for the healthcare industry, yet it was addressed as one of the “underreported, ubiquitous, and persistent problem that has been tolerated and largely ignored” in the industry, according to Phillips (2016). According to the issue by FBI, healthcare workers in the U.S. have the highest number of physical violence directed at them among other occupations (FBI Academy, 2003). Base on the guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Administation (OSHA), a shockingly high percentage reported 70-7...

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...l, many researchers have agreed on statistics concluding that workplace violence is highly prevalent among healthcare workers. Studies that have identify some risk factors associating with workplace violence; yet, some factors have compromised predictive strength on violence occurrence because different studies reported contradictory results. In terms of preventative measures and strategies used to combat workplace violence, training programs pertaining to patient management are widely implemented but the various types and details of different training protocols have reflected mixed results of effectiveness. Although much further research need to be done on resolving this issue, a detailed examination of the current approaches towards workplace violence in healthcare can be informative and better prepare the workers who are intended to join the healthcare industry.

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