Essay on Working with Students who have Learning Disabilities

Essay on Working with Students who have Learning Disabilities

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Working with Students who have Learning Disabilities
Over the past 10 years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. I need to be aware of how to help those students who have learning disabilities and teach to the best of my ability. I also need to be supportive and understand not every student learns in the same way which is why it is important for me to be flexible in my own style of instruction. I need to be knowledgeable and patient, caring and kind, as I work with all of my students, regardless of ability. Some students are aware of other students who have special accommodations or extra time on tests. One way I will make it easier for students to understand why another student is allowed additional time taking a final would be to explain that being fair does not mean everyone gets exactly the same. Being fair means everyone gets what he or she needs. Since there will be a team of professionals involved with any student who has a disability, I will be working as a team player in the best interest of the child. I look forward to working with a team of personnel such as counselors, parents, special education teachers, medical professionals, social workers, and anyone else involved in supporting the student’s Individual Education Plan (otherwise commonly known as an IEP).
The first thing I researched was different learning disabilities. I was shocked at how many there were, the broad spectrum some are categorized under and the severity of others. Some common diagnosed disabilities today are Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD), autism, emotional or behavioral disorders and developmental disorders, just to name a f...

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...e. Exceptional students should be pushed to their highest potential and it is our job as educators, along with other members of a student’s IEP team, to ensure the student is receiving a free and appropriate education as well as receiving all services instructed on his or her IEP adequately.
Overall, my research has given me the opportunity to learn an incredible amount about working with learning disabled students. One of the things I will remember working with all students is to not let their abilities go unnoticed because of their disabilities. It would be easy to focus all of my efforts on how to help correct and regulate their disabilities when I could be focusing on their abilities. I hope to have the privilege of learning more by working with students with exceptionalities and look forward to gaining experiences by utilizing different styles and strategies.

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