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Working With Court Mandated Client Essay

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The vignette I decided to choose was the 30-year-old female of African American descent. After reading the vignette, I had several questions that popped into my head that really depend on how I worked with the client. Working with court-mandated client automatically makes me ask what documentation will the courts want, what are the courts looking for, and who should I be talking to in regards to the case or rather who can I talk to in regards of the case. It is not a typical client.
On first meet, I would make sure to do a basic introduction. This would include that I was a mandated reporter, paperwork (such as HIPPA) and so forth. I would want to make it really clear that they understood the mandated reporter part due to this being a domestic violence case and the client understanding it is for their safety. I would then want to hear from the client as to what brings them to therapy. I might have gotten a report from the state, but I would rather hear it from the client themselves. Personally, I believe it is important to hear it from the client’s point of view, and hear what they have to say. It is (after all) their therapy.
With all of this said I have worked with Child Protective Services (CPS) before and know where you can and cannot go in regards to certain aspects within my state (Montana). In regards to this case, I thought about preforming assessments with the client upon first encounter right away. In the state of Montana, they would want to get a good baseline of what was happening within the home. As the client has been court mandated to attend therapy, these can be helpful for not only assessing the client from the start, but also helpful for the court system as well.
There are a few assessments I would...

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...y of her daughter back. However, I have seen where the mother just wanted to sign over parental rights and not have anything to do with her children. I never try to assume anything when it comes to human nature. Just because I would do something one way does not mean another human would do it the same way.
This would be a hard case due to the fact that it is court-mandated. The client could be interested, but then the client could be hard to work with because it is court-mandated. These types of cases are really hard to work with and judge what kind of client you will be getting. Also, I have personally found that (regardless if the client is agreeable or not) the clients do not open up as easily as they would if they were coming to the sessions on their own accord. So would the assessments and sessions be truthful? Would therapy be helpful if not truthful?

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